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Celebrating 20 years of SOLDIER HOLLOW 
Just in time for Christmas, the Sport Welt's You Tube channel released a short film titled 20 Years of SOLDIER HOLLOW in honour of the sire's 20th anniversary.

From his purchase as yearling at Newmarket to a life threatening disease as three-year-old to a Horse of the Year titel up to his illustre career as a stallion, the beautiful scenes take the audience on a short journey through the life of the In The Wings son, who has put a definite stamp on German thoroughbred breeding over the past decade.

The short docu, produced by Helmut von Finck in cooperation with Sport Welt TV, fills us with joy and pride but also with a enormous degree of gratitude. Von Finck talks about SOLDIER HOLLOW's outstanding qualities as racehorse and sire, and also highlights his special relationship to the stallion. Thrilling photos from past days and wonderful impressions of Gestüt Auenquelle, Soldier Hollow's current home, round up a very nice presentation.

We invite you to watch the film on the home page of this website. You can find it in the right column, or you can use the external link below. Enjoy!
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